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What better way to kick off the content of this blog than to talk about Journey Into Mystery? Kathryn Immonen did a lovely interview with ComicBookResources, and it’s worthy of discussion.

As you mentioned, when your run begins you’ll be shifting the spotlight from Loki and onto Sif, the book’s new protagonist. Which of her qualities are you most interested in exploring?
For any character, you need to ask the question, “What do they want?” For Sif, it really does seem to boil down to her wanting to be a better warrior, but I think she’s also got some seriously unplumbed depths. She’s never really had to be in charge of anyone but herself. I thought it would be nice to test her leadership qualities with some guys who do nothing but defeat her expectations.

Sif already is a fantastic warrior. The thing about Sif is that she’s confident in who she is and her skills - she can handle whatever is thrown at her. As it stands, I can’t see potentially endangering Asgardia as a risk Sif would be willing to take to improve her skills. Immonen even says a question later:

It really just comes from her wanting to be of the best possible service to Asgardia and to her people. But then there’s the rather serious problem of finding a place to put that energy.

Which is all well and good if Sif was the sort that wasn’t consciously aware of her restlessness. Unless all other options are taken from her, she knows how to appropriately handle this energy. In Simonson’s Thor ( which I will get to in time - don’t worry ) she specifically asks to be sent on a dangerous mission rather than going out and purposely looking for trouble. That’s Thor’s job, after all, and Sif is often seen as a tempering, calming influence - the more rational out of the two of them.

But more importantly, the Lady Sif is someone who knows who she is, what she’s capable of, and what she wants from life. If something happens during Everything Burns to shake her up, make her a little bit more reckless? Then it’s understandable as to why Sif would go to such lengths to better herself. Time will have to tell on that matter and I’m more than willing to give Immonen the benefit of the doubt.

Can you hint, tease, or talk about any of the supporting characters and adversaries Sif meets in her initial adventures?
We’re exploring some, maybe, unexpected relationships for Sif — with Hildegunde, for instance. And also, fleshing out her relationship with her Brother Heimdall, which seems to consist, currently, of very little.

This is the part that got me excited. While there’s no Hildegrunde in the Marvel universe, there is a Hildegarde who vanished from the pages of Thor sometime in the 70s. She and Sif were both warrior women who found common ground and fought side by side, becoming friends and confiding in each other on a regular basis. If Immonen is really bringing her back, I cannot wait to see what she does with this relationship. As for Sif’s relationship with her brother Heimdall - Immonen hit the nail right on the head. It’s woefully underused, and it’s about time for some development on that front.

All in all, I’m still extremely excited for this series and I hope everyone else is, too. Remember that the best way to show your support is to buy the issue when it goes on sale in November!

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